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Credit Repair Letter #2

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Credit Repair Letter #2


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Full Name
Social Security Number

Bureau Name

Dear Sir or Madam:

I recently wrote to you disputing the following information in my file. The item I am disputing is also highlighted on the attached copy of my credit report.
RE: Company Name Account Number
I believe this account is inaccurate. Under the Fair Dept Collection Practices Act, I have a right to request validation and proof from the repositories that these depts are or are not my obligation. I am requesting that the item be deleted or updated to correct the information. I am positive I never signed any agreement authorizing this company to report me as delinquent. A copy of my authorizing signature should be requested with the investigation. I have requested this information personally from the above referenced company and received no response. Please forward the proof of receipt of the authorizing signature and any other evidence you should receive.

Please reinvestigate this matter and delete the disputed item as soon as possible. Please inform me of any changes, corrections or actions regarding this matter. Please mail me correspondence of the day you receive my request and the day the inquiry is initiated. I am planning on purchasing a new home for my family and I want to clear up any incorrect information before I start the procedure.


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