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Temporary Employment Form

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Temporary employment refers to a situation where the employee is expected to leave the employer within a certain period of time. Temporary employees are sometimes called "contractual", "seasonal", "interim", "casual staff", "freelance"; or the word may be shortened to "temps." This temporary employment form is by and between the employer and employee. This Temporary Employment Form is in fillable pdf format as well Microsoft Word File.

Temporary Employment Form


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Temporary Employment Form

BE IT KNOWN that I, the undersigned, understand I am being employed by
Name of Company

Address of Company
in a temporary position only and for such time as my services are required. I hereby acknowledge that this temporary employment does not entitle me to any special consideration for permanent employment. I further understand that my temporary employment may be terminated at any time without resort to the handbook disciplinary procedures set forth for permanent employees. Furthermore, I understand that I am not eligible to participate in any fringe benefit programs or retirement program or any other programs available to permanent employees (unless required by law) and in the event I am allowed to participate in any benefits or program, then my continued participation may be voluntarily withdrawn or terminated by the Company at any time and without notice:

Employee’s Name: _________________________________________________________

By _____________________________________________
Signature Date

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